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Today, I wrote a post for guys- as in men. I figured out this would help a couple of young men and women who love them.

You will agree with me that ladies are not the only ones who need make-up, men need it too, though in a different way. I have devised a make-up kit for men, something to ‘enhance your beauty’ as they say and make you glow more.

Have you ever seen a complete make-up box for ladies? I must say it’s enormous. But I found out that every tool in a ladies make-up box can be used on men- in a slightly different way. And it always comes out beautiful and can be used by any guy to spice up their life and relationship.

So, lets have a look:

Moisturizer and Primer
Primers are used to prepare the face for the make-up session and make them all stay on the face. Prayer is the primer every man should have.

There is no use trying to woo a lady you haven’t brought before Gods presence in the place of diligent and heartfelt prayer. Pray for your loved one, it has a way of not just drawing her closer to God but also bonding your hearts together and keeping your hearts tender and aflame.

Breaking news: Many of us don’t find a prayerless man attractive!

Concealer and Foundation:
Love covers a multitude of sin. Love is the foundation on which to begin and continue a lifetime journey. A rock solid relationship must not only be built on love but must continue to grow in love.

In the same way that foundation and concealer cover a lot of blemishes and pimples on the face, love covers a multitude of sins. When you wear love as part of your daily make-up, you will not keep a record of wrongs; that way, you will not only be obeying God, but also learning to love unconditionally.

Powder and Brushes
Whether it is Mary Kay or Tara, using foundation alone without a good powder will not work. After you have woed and won her over with your love and ‘sweet nothings’, please don’t stop there. Go ahead to wow her with consistent and adequate out bursts of affection. This is instrumental to the growth and sustainance of your love.

Guys, while you are forming ‘Macho’ and ‘James Bond’, find your way of being tender hearted, sensitive and extremely caring. This combination is what we call “romantic”. #smiles

Eye shadow, liner and Mascara
Wisdom and good leadership brightens the eyes of a man just like eye shadow, liner and mascara do to a lady’s eyes. The same way they help to define the brows, these virtures go a long way to define a man and make him outstanding.

Wisdom will preserve you from the snares of the ungodly woman and side chicks of all shapes and sizes. You will be able to focus and lead ‘the one’ in the way she should go, no lady can resist a man who provides unwavering leadership.

Guess what? Beards are like lipstick…in my opinion. When you wear them neatly, they say a lot. This doesn’t work for everyone though but it works for yours sincerely 😊.

Guys, your beards shouldn’t look unhealthy and uncatered for, rather they should be kept neat and well trimmed like the grasses on the world cup pitch. A little moisturizer and oil will go a long way to keep them looking fresh and curly.

Blush and highlighter
Having a good financial plan as a young guy is an extra choco on the velvet. When you can comfortably take care of yourself and by extension be able to meet needs around you, it highlights your “six packs” and other “TDH features”. There’s no use being lazy, unproductive, visionless and grumpy. Please, it’s a big turn off!

Wipes and cleanser
The ability to own up to your faults and say sorry is like facial wipes. It wipes away all memories of wrongdoing and gives you a clean slate with which to write on her heart.

A man who cannot do this is like a make-up artist whose make-up box has no wipes, she is bound to make mistakes and needs to clean a thing or two and this can ruin long hours of diligent face beat labour. Take note guys. Say sorry, mean it and be sorry.

I must not forget to add that your sorry bears no weight when you keep doing the same thing; making the same mistakes over and over again. To a lady, Sorry means “I feel bad about what I did and I won’t do it again.”

Fix it spray or setting spray
At the end of every good make-up session, a setting spray is sprayed on the ladies face to help the make-up stay together and last for a longer time without caking or being easily washed off.

A good man takes his lady home to his parents, goes ahead to take her to the altar and gives her a ring (or whatever they choose) to seal their relationship. This commitment means a lot to the woman, it shows that he is her own and they belong to each other. It shows their love will last and stand the test of time.

Every godly man should endevour to have this tool in his make-up box. Don’t go about picking and hopping in your relationships as though you are conducting a science experiment, Go ahead and “fix it”.

Finally my people, “Most men will proclaim everyone his own goodness, but a faithful man who can find?” Prov 20:6.

Have a blessed weekend family and don’t forget to equip your make-up box and do let me know what you are thinking in the comment section.



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