Living for the camera


I personally do not like the ‘distraction’ that photographers cause in Church as they patrol constantly in search of those who are seriously worshipping or praying. I have always wondered why they could not participate in the same expressions of worship they were seeking to capture. But alas, the other day I caught myself secretly desiring to be captured by the cameraman during worship. You won’t believe that I prayed and wished he came my way.

When I saw him coming towards me, I knew it was an answered prayer! I quickly closed my eyes, raised my hands and intensified my ‘worship’ waiting for the flash to run through my ‘seriously worshipping’ face. I occasionally squinted my eyes to be sure I was captured but Lo, the guy walked past me without paying homeage to my well packaged drama.

You can guess what I did. I was so dissapointed that I stopped my ‘worship’ and waited for the next time when I would be lucky so I can repeat the lines of my self imposed script. Hmm…. I am still surprised at myself.

But that was when it hit me- I was worshipping for the camera, I was not worshipping God at all.

I was an actor in Church, one who only came alive when the lights and camera came on, one who desired to be seen as a true worshiper whereas my heart was not in it one bit.

I wanted the camera, not God!

Sadly, we do this everyday and in many different ways.

We have modernized this selfish act and called it ‘packaging’. We package our acts of love so well no one sees how empty and devoid of love our hearts really are. We don’t actually want to give, we want to be seen and known, we want to make it to the headlines. Everything is for the show and if there are no cameras, then we would rather not do it. Let’s wait for the lights!

How many times have we said things to sound deep or did things to be seen and appreciated?
How many times have we felt bad when an act of kindness we showed went unnoticed or the accolade we deserved didn’t come?

*Time for a thorough heart-check…

God wants us to do things with only one motive- love!

Love will cause you to go ahead with those secret acts of love even when nobody sees them!

Love will make you to worship behind closed doors with just an audience of One.

Love will make you to serve and give with no strings attached.

I am not saying we should hide our good deeds, but I am hoping we would still do them when the lights are off and the camera is gone.

Our lives were meant to be lived for the Glory of God not for the camera, that is the only way to live life to the fullest.

Finally dearie, live your life for the one who loves you, not for the world to applaud you.

And Hey, God loves you like crazy! Never forget that!

Have a blessed week ahead.


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