​I don’t have church clothes


I was having a conversation with a friend some weeks ago when I blurted out “I don’t have Church clothes”

I hadn’t thought about it before until that moment. That was the moment I realised that I actually wore the same clothes I wear to Church to work.

Truth is, this is neither good nor bad, it is just my thing.

But here is my thinking; if a dress is not good for Church, what makes it good for work? If it cannot be worn to Church, why then can it be worn to market, school etc?

Many of our Churches frown at indecent dressing and a lot have put in measures to curb this in Church. This is certainly good and welcome but I would recommend that it shouldn’t end in Church.

You will agree with me that the whole dressing mantra is on the female folks for obvious reasons, so let me speak with respect to us.

Personally, I feel any dress that is indecent for Church is indecent for work and anywhere outside my room; that explains why I don’t have Church clothes.

God is not in Church. God is in your heart, He is in your office, He is on the streets and in the market too. Same thing with people, they are everywhere you go- work, market, office. So if you claim to be dressing to please God, don’t  only do that on Sundays and in Church and also if you love your brother and sister and wouldn’t want to make them uncomfortable, don’t only do it in Church, remember; they are everywhere too.

This leaves we ladies with no excuse whatever the motive behind our dressing is and I think the same applies to men. There is no law restricting your entrance to the market when you are scantly clad  but there is a God who you love and serve and want to please right there in the market. So let the Church laws not drive you to look  pious on Sundays and ‘slay’ on Wednesday. No! The presence of God on Sundays doesn’t reduce during the week, He is still omnipresent.

Let everyday of your life be another opportunity to show Jesus and spread his fragrance to all.

My friend would say, “we don’t dress to slay men, we slay demons.” Lol

Do have a blessed week!

2 thoughts on “​I don’t have church clothes

  1. Exactly! Thanks for sharing, Nasalian… Sometimes I want to dress a particular way to church, and someone beside me says, “it’s Sunday service o; you can wear that to work, but not church.” It makes it look like God isn’t interested in my wardrobe on non-church service days.

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