‘unique’ is the new normal


Hello young ladies…. It’s been a while I wrote here and I have really missed this section of the blog.

Guess what!!! I have something really special cooking and I am planning to storm your timeline with it soon but before that, I found this interesting piece written by a lovely, beautiful friend and I can’t hold back from sharing.

It’s for everyone who struggles to remain herself rather than sweat it out fitting into a mould.

It’s for us who understand that our validation does not come from men and so we are free to bask in our uniqueness knowing that we are deeply loved by God… Yippee!!!


​People have this idea of who you should be.

Once you don’t fit into their mould

You get tagged whatever fancy name they have in their books.

So, some people live their lives trying not to get tagged

I know ’cause I was one of them for a time and some

Till I realized it was of no use

People were always going to have issues with who I was

So, no use being extremely quiet so I don’t get tagged “talkative”

And then get all talkative, wasting words just so I don’t get tagged “Miss. Goody Too Shoes” (yeah, that name made my skin crawl).

No use, depriving the world of smiles, so I could get tagged “a serious person”

And then never saying the truth you need but don’t want to hear, so I don’t get tagged “spoilsport”

No use in playing keep-up, when you’ll do good at “tag-along”

And then play tag-along, just so I don’t get labelled “defiant”

You see how exhausting it is for you to read this long post, and I’ve not even mentioned it all…

Now, imagine how I survived

Just so I could find a safe line in everyone’s good book, spill no inks…

But now I don’t just know the letters, but the truth that it is before God that I rise and fall

So, call me …

People will always issues with you not being them, and then with you for tryna be them

No gain tryna fit in someone else’s shoes

With feet like mine, it hurts.

I’m just me.



Ammabelle Asuquo 


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