A lot of times, I get to talk with friends, colleagues and people around and a prominent question remains on the hearts of many young people on the matter of sexual purity: How far is too far?

Even in church, since we all know that fornication is a sin we begin to ask questions like; Is kissing a sin? What about heavy petting or smooching? Should we do this and that? How far can we go and still stay cool with God?

I discovered that we young people like to test the waters, we want to get so close to sin that it would take a hairs breath for us to escape, until then, we won’t rest. We want to get so close and not fall in, that way, we satisfy a fraction of our curiosity.

But truth is when it comes to sexual temptation, the bible is very clear, there is only one way out- FLEE.

Not prayer, Not tongues or great quotes. No! FLEE… from anything that looks like it. Simple!

It is futile to negotiate with sin or try to play around it. No one can carry hot coals and not get burnt. If you are intentional about pleasing God, honouring him and choosing to do courtship and marriage God’s way, then you must be intentional about your boundaries.

I do not support being legalistic and hypocritical about it, truth is our desire for sex cannot be removed from us because we are single, God put it there and left it there on purpose.

When you begin to meddle with sin because you think you are a super man/woman, you are only tempting the devil and it is only a matter of time before you begin to delight in sin’s pleasurable delicacies. It is always a slow fade; hardly will anyone fall in one day.

If you are single or in a purposeful relationship, then sexual purity should be your watchward. Any act or decision that is not helping you achieve this is going to lead you in the opposite direction.

A thought, a seemingly harmless fantasy is all it takes to start your downward journey into sin. You must choose to guard your heart above all else.

Sin is not anyone’s friend and never does good to anyone. It has just one destination- death.

When Samson began his journey I doubt if he planned to destroy his own life but he made choices that led to his doom. That will always be the story of any man who chooses to play with sin even in the subtlest of ways.

Finally friends, sexual desires are legitimate and were designed to be satisfied in a godly, legal and committed union called marriage. God recognises and honours this, so should we! Instead of wondering how far is too far, Flee🏃

Sin is not your friend, don’t play with it.

Have a beautiful weekend and don’t forget to F..L..E..E..!

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