He delights in showing mercy

So I have been learning a lot recently but have been unable to share #sobsgently. All thanks to events of life, NYSC and my dramatic lappy.

I have plenty gists for you guys and guess what? I have a big news coming #chuckles.

Oya guess……. Wrong!

Hmmm, I caught you so berra stay tuned or miss out.lol

Well, August has been rough, stressful and tasking in a lot of ways. I’ve had moments of exhaustion when it wasn’t just my faith that ran low, but my physical strength too.

Lots of times I come back overwhelmed, tired and wondering how things could have turned out if I did ‘A’ instead of ‘B’ or if I made a different choice, prayed more or even gave more.

So I come to God, expecting the usual lashing out just like our earthly parents will do when we seem not to be at our best.

Only to discover that God doesn’t grudgingly fling his hand of mercy at us while murming about his displeasure with our inconsistencies, No, never!

God delights in showing mercy! It is something he enjoys doing, something he loves.

Psalm 103:8-10

“He is merciful and tender towards those who don’t deserve it; he is slow to get angry and full of kindness and Love. He never bears a grudge nor remains angry forever. He has not punished us as we deserve for all our sins.”


When those moments of despair come and you feel like God is definetly mad at you otherwise why will things turn out the way they did?

Those times when you made the wrong choices and think you deserve every stroke of cain coming after your back; hold on babe, God doesn’t treat us the way we deserve, he doesn’t react to our wrongs, rather he responds with extravagant love.

He delights in showing mercy!

Instead of a spank on the head, you get a big hug and a reassuring smile. 

Instead of another lecture on how to keep your name in God’s good books, you get a truckload of kindness, mercy and a pat on your back too.

So dearie, don’t go through life with your head down and your heart sick of yesterdays mistakes and a long list of things you could have done differently.

Stop living everyday thinking you are never going to make up for past errors and so have to repay every dime.

Instead, look up and see your father waiting with open arms and your name written all over them, yea he is that crazy about you!

Get off that mat of self pity and regret and come into his room of abundant mercy and love, its that simple.

His mercy doesn’t just ensure we get off our mess, it ushers us into his endless bliss. We get an irresistible offer we could never have by our good works.

And as for the punishment due us, emmm…you remember the cross? Yea, the cross. Its over there- that’s where He put it.

So, Cheer up friend; God delights in showing mercy and his mercy triumphs over judgment, always!

Do have a beautiful weekend.


PS: stay tuned for the big news.

I am Chinasa, the one whom Jesus loves. I am grateful for the finished work of Christ, passionate about not missing the simplicity that is in Christ Jesus and longing to spread the fragrance of Christ. If you don't catch me reading, writing, thinking or listening to people, you will have to take a closer look to be sure its me...they say its my hobby and I think am beginning to agree. I love people, good music and work. I love bracelets too... Apart from being a Pharmacist, I don't have many titles so my friends simply call me Nasa and it does all the magic. I live in Nigeria, and I really love my country. One place i have been crushing on and hope to visit someday is Orlando Florida, my friends will tell you more about that. I also have an unexplainable desire to attend Hillsong Conference in no distant time...dreams come true, you know! I love writing and I hope you love reading. Nice to meet you too Welcome to my blog.

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