Hello beautiful people;

Cheers to the weekend!

How are we enjoying the month of May? We are almost getting to the middle of the year and I hope you are not getting worried about your plans for the year that are yet to materialize.

There is so much pressure we are bound to face in life that we need to constantly remind each other that we are in a race of our own.

“Your mates are getting married; your mates have bought cars, built houses and are changing jobs like clothes. Your mates are doing great things for God, raising the dead and shaking Nations, your mates are doing blah blah blah…”the list is just endless. Dearie, no matter how noble the cause you are being pressured into is, don’t let people compare you to anyone.

There may also be times you will begin to think that what someone else has is better than yours. Maybe you have unconsciously begun to liken yourself to another person: Her hair is longer than mine, she is taller than I am, or it’s the other way; my hair is longer than hers or I am taller than her. Either ways, you have begun to use somebody as a yardstick for evaluating your life.

One of the most beautiful things I love about the Holy Spirit’s workings in our lives is that he teaches us contentment of the soul. Whether you are abasing or you are abounding, he gives you so much peace and contentment that you won’t begin to squint your eyes to measure what the other person has got.

People say there can be healthy and unhealthy comparison but I think that the only healthy comparison is when you compare yourself to Christ, placing your life alongside his word and precepts; any other form of comparison is unhealthy.

“Next time you are tempted to compare, make sure you compare yourself with Christ and no one else.”

Here are four things comparison does that are toxic to your life:

Slave mentality: When you always compare yourself to someone, you have unknowingly made him/her your standard in life. Everything you receive in life will be measured with him/her as a yardstick. You have become a ‘slave’ to that person, and will find it hard to enjoy life due to low self-esteem.

I learnt something sometime ago when people kept complaining that I was too slim, I would reply: “I am perfect for my assignment.” (lol) And then ask: “Why do you say I am slim?” Isn’t it because you have placed me alongside someone who is fatter. What if I was the only girl on the earth, would you still think that I am too slim? No. You wouldn’t have anyone to compare me with. It’s the same thing, if people think you are too fat, tall, short, dark or whatever; it’s because they are comparing you to someone else.

Ingratitude: many people never get to thank God for what they have because they still feel the other person has got more. They may say “thank you”, but deep in their hearts they still feel like “God you could have done more, something like that one over there.”

You will never reach your full potential if you continue comparing yourself with others. God has a plan for your life that does not depend on what gift he has given your neighbor. I saw a post on someone’s dp that read: “Ladies, another girls beauty does not reduce your own.” This is so true!

God has more than enough resources to go round. How I wish we can all understand this and be grateful for what we have got.

Envy, strife and jealousy: Comparison fills one’s life with so much envy, jealousy and strife. It makes the love-walk difficult if not impossible because you are always thinking that someone has got something better than what you have.

If you want to save yourself a lot of heart aches in this life, you must believe the truth that God will never withhold any good thing from those who love him. If you see something you like in someone, God has a thousand more. If you ask him he will give you except if he thinks you don’t need it, then he won’t. You should trust his judgment that much.

You can’t hate, envy or be bitter towards someone if you understand that you are in a race of your own.

Pride: We all know how to spot pride but have you heard of “Humbility”? Humbility makes you feel you are better than someone else in your own eyes because you think you are ‘humble’. You just wake up, size someone and place them on a rank just below you, nod your head and pride yourself that you are better than them.

This is a common snare many fall into because it masks itself as humility, but really it’s pride. You compare yourself to someone, conclude that you are humble and become proud of your humility.

Finally, Learn to stay content and grateful for all the grace and goodies God has poured into your life. Comparison will rob you of the joy of living your best and limit you to a human yardstick. It’s just not worth the stress.

Rather if you must compare, compare yourself with Christ, desire to be more like him than you were yesterday. That is the only time you can truly live the abundant life he has purchased for you, that’s the safest escape from the pitfalls of comparison.

Next time you are tempted to compare, make sure you compare yourself with Christ and no one else.

Have a super weekend ahead.


Never forget that God loves you fiercely!


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Much Love.

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