Eight things to do when your wealth increases.


While many people are learning how to make money, a lot still go blank when the money comes and end up being enslaved by it. They set themselves up for a rat race in which they will never win, hence the vicious cycle elbows them in: pursue it, get it, spend it, pursue harder, get more, spend more, pursue more…
Today I shared 8 mindsets that when we imbibe, we will not fall prey to the trap of riches.

Be humble not arrogant
Money can solve a lot of problems but it is not the solution to all problems. Yet it has a way of puffing us up and giving us a false sense of security because we can get almost everything at the snap of our fingers. When your wealth increases, never forget that God is your source and by your power you can do nothing.

Put your hope in God not in riches
Who is your first point of call when a need arises? This is very key because God always wants to be first, not an alternative. Anything that occupies this position has become an idol.

Never forget that riches are uncertain.
Money grows wings and flies away sometimes. Learning how to keep and grow your wealth is as important as learning how to make it. Money is only a tool to be used, not to be trusted.

God wants you to enjoy
God gives us riches to enjoy. Yes, he does! He doesn’t want us to squander or waste them, but he wants us to enjoy them. Don’t feel bad when God gives you riches, you have not backslided. God delights in the prosperity of His Children.

God wants you to do good
A major reason why God moves resources in our direction is for us to do good and help others. He wants everyone to have access to the basic necessities of life and not starve while some others are eating to stupor. He is a just God and we are His stewards.

God wants you to be rich in good deeds
Apart from just doing good, you must be rich in good deeds. You need to constantly grow to a pont of not just being rich in money but rich in doing good to others- that is true riches.

God wants you to be generous
Generosity is a healthy Christian habit and must be one of our goals in life- to give with no strings attached. Everything we give should be given in love not out of compulsion or with the motive of getting it back.

God wants you to be willing to share
Keep in mind that all God gives to you is not for your consumption. After all, how much food can a man eat in one lifetime? God wants you to share with others and do it gladly. If you always see yourself as a conduit of God’s blessings, you will always have to give!

Finally, never forget that you are not the only one God wants to bless!

Do have a beautiful weekend!


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