Book Review: The traveler’s gift


Book Title: The traveler’s gift

Author: Andy Andrews

Theme: Seven decisions that determine personal success

Year of Publication: 2002


I am not a sucker for motivational books, really I am not. So when I saw “Seven decisions that determine personal success” I quickly stuck out my horns in utter defense and “jumped and passed.”

But Mum was like “Nasa, you mean you haven’t read this book? You really need to read it.”

So I reluctantly began reading “The Travelers gift” partly because Mumsy said so and partly because it’s a story and Y’all know how much I love stories.

But guess what! At a point I had to stop and check when this book was written and when I saw it was 2002, my stomach churned with momentary bouts of regrets as to why I hadn’t read it all this while.

The Traveler’s gift is a story about a man, David Ponder who was struck with several tragedies all following each other in a quick succession like Job. He was rich and happily married with a beautiful daughter but in a twinkling of an eye he lost his job, bills pilled up and his daughter whom he loved dearly was terribly sick and needed to have her tonsils removed. He had no dime and was in a defeated state; he felt like a total failure.

Sadly he resorted to what many of us do: give up. He couldn’t forgive himself so he drove off to take his life but God mercifully ushered him into a life changing journey while recovering from the accident.

In his ‘trance’ He discovered “a place that never was” a place God keeps all the things that were to be delivered to men but they stopped believing and praying for them. So many books, dreams, goals, businesses, cure for diseases, drawings, inventions and great breakthroughs that were meant to come to the earth were all packed there because men like him gave up; they never came. He even saw the cure to the tonsillitis that was about to take his daughters life, lying unused.

In this encounter, he learnt great life lessons which he shared in this book and they serve both as a warning and a guide to us today.

You will also discover in this beautiful piece that God wants you to get up from your comfort zone, roll away your shabby sleeping mat and ask for the Nations.

You will see how your meager, ‘let-me-just-get-by’ prayer points sound to God and actually begin to pray like you were talking to a King.

God still has a store house filled with great discoveries, unborn children, unanswered prayers and solutions to the problems of the world that are up for the taking if only we dared to ask.

While reading this book; my faith was stretched, my prayers changed and my heart lit with a new flame. I expect nothing less for you.

The Traveler’s gift is definitely a good read and indeed a gift for every traveler of whom you chief.

Don’t just get it, read it and live it!


Cheers to the weekend!!!


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  1. Chichi you are a blessing to this generation. You are not just talented in writing but you have been able to use to talent to nourish and renew the minds of everyone who reads your blog. Never you stop nourishing us.

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