Book title: Perspectives

Author: Colin Creel

Year published: 2005

Pages: 174

To think that “Perspectives” was written since 2005 and I am just reading it now makes me want to slap myself and wonder how many more of such books I am yet to read.

I have always been passionate about seeing things the way God sees them so when I came across a book that focused on getting God’s perspective on life, I grabbed it with both hands.

Perspectives is a book written by a ‘twenty-something’ to ‘twenty-somethings’ and trust me, Colin Creel did an excellent job in writing to us because you will agree with me that it’s not an easy phase of life.

As a twenty-something I am guessing you are going through the bumpy transition into the real world, I am too. You are not the only one having to make those decisions about job, friendships, marriage, where to stay, and everything that comes with the ‘adulting’ thingy.

You won’t believe that I have caught myself many times saying I don’t want to be an adult again. I want to be a child, say three or four years old; play around with sand and not have to worry about stuff.

But then, we can’t push back the hands of time, we have grown and we can’t change that. Perspectives is one book that is helping me cope with this reality.

Colin wrote a lot about the things that bother us: career, relationships, stewardship, Gods timing, identity and values, success and life’s pursuits. Going through the pages of Perspectives, you will have no doubt that you are looking through the lens of one who loves the Lord and seeks to please him in everything.

I love the chapter where he talked about having a Paul- someone that pours into you; a Barnabas- someone you run together with and a Timothy- someone you are pouring into. I discovered I have people who play these roles in my life and it made all the difference.

Another beautiful thing about this book is that at the end of each chapter is what he calls “Seasoned advice”- a real life, practical advice from someone you may know. I was completely blown away when I read one written by Ravi Zacharias on what helped him in his twenties. Tons of other great men and women, best selling authors, CEO’s, world leaders and the likes shared their experiences on being a twenty-something; mistakes they made, lessons they learned and of course; a word of caution to us. You will definitely find these stories of great help as you navigate through this stage.

Perspectives is just too loaded, I can’t say it all! I had to read the book two consecutive times to get all the ‘juice’ and I recommend you do same or more.

It is indeed a spiritual life guide for ‘twenty-somethings’ and has won my heart as my book of the year! Yea, it did.

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