Book Review: I loved a Girl


Book Title: I loved a girl

Author: Walter Trobisch

Pages: 124 (paper back)




This beautiful book is a private correspondence containing a story of love and its many battles in all sincerity, honesty and openness.



When Walter and Ingrid Trobisch came to Africa on a missionary journey, they met a young man Francois, a new believer who had struggles and questions concerning love, sex and marriage. He opened up to them and thereafter a series of letters ensued between Francois and the Trobisches. They became his source of guidance and answers to the many issues bugging him which are same with us today.



The need for more guidance was intensified when Francois met a young lady, Cecile who he loved dearly and wanted to marry. Her parents demanded a bride price of  $400, an outrageous sum for an unemployed youth at that time and this was about to tear them apart except that they submitted their will to Christ and found joy in obeying him. Through a series of private letters they both expressed their deep love and affection for each other and received guidance and support from the Trobisches at every step of the way.  This book was written in the 20th century but its truths still resounds today.



The truth is that we all have questions and concerns but when it comes to matters such as these, we prefer to speak in parables and sweep things under the carpet, but this is not so with Francois. In this book, he pours out his heart in a real and honest way, unashamed and unreserved. This book also reechoes the need for mature, godly, spiritual counselors to arise and instruct our youths on the truth about this thing called ‘love’ which the world has so much bastardized.



When I first set my hands on this classic, I couldn’t let go of it. It’s quite a small book that one can finish it in a sitting, but I didn’t finish it in a sitting simply because I was trying to copy the contents into my jotter (can you imagine that?) The thing is; I didn’t want to copy all but for every paragraph that struck a chord in my heart, the next drove the meaning even deeper and I found myself manually photocopying this book, I didn’t want to miss out on anything at all. I had to let go at some point and prayed to have my copy (the one I was reading was given to me by a friend). I entered a bookshop months later to get a book and stumbled into it. Wow! God does answer prayer and I quickly bought it.



Pastor Walter did a great good to our generation by compiling these letters for us and ignoring it will be a great disservice to future generations as its truths are fundamental to building godly relationships and having marriage the way God intended.



Read it now and learn timeless lessons you will be happy you learnt in time.




PS: A sequel to I loved a girl titled ‘I married you’ is also available as well as other books by the same author.


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