Answering life’s questions


Hello dearest Nasalian blog reader,

Happy New Year!

Oh Yes, it came late but I am glad anyway. The first month in this beautiful year is almost over and I can bet a lot has happened already. If not in your life, it has in mine and someone else you know. In all things, we get even better.

Today, I will be sharing with you some of the things I have been pondering on for a while.

I don’t know how you started 2019, I started mine with questions, a lot of them. I had them written down with no answers in sight. These questions were centered around life, my beliefs and why I believe them, my motives and the things I place value on.

Up till now, I still haven’t gotten all the answers but one thing I have gotten is hunger. I have set myself on a journey to know more and do more.

The beautiful thing about this is that I get to ask myself these questions before life throws them at me because everyday life throws questions at us and demands we give answers. These answers are what will inform our choices and decisions in life.

For example What do I believe about money? Answering this question has opened my eyes to some lies I unconsciously believed but are contrary to God’s word and has helped me knock them out with God’s truth.

If I asked you this question, what would your answer be?

Here is another one: What do you believe about marriage? What’s your view about your job? What’s your biggest distraction? What would you do differently if today was your last day on earth? Think deeply about it.

Nobody is going to walk up to you any day and ask these questions but situations are going to demand you answer them whether you like it or not.

As you journey into the year, don’t live a lie, find out the truth about your life and embrace it fully. That will set on the path to fulfilling your God given purpose.

Whether it is a new job you are starting or moving to a new place or even a new home, you will be required to ask yourself some tough questions that may be a little revealing. This may make you uncomfortable but trust me, it is good for your sanity.

You don’t have to wait till you are in a fix before you face these questions and make your choice. You will end up choosing anything the world throws at you.

Now is the time. Define your beliefs, reject the world and use the word of God to colour your world. This is the way to truly live!

Have a beautiful week and a blessed month ahead!

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