Hey guys,

If you look closely at this picture, you will observe that there is a pen, a pencil, a sharpener and an eraser. Over the years, I have learned some things that I hold dearly, they are written on the tablets of my heart with an indelible ink.

Others, I have loosely held on to and are faintly inscribed as though with a pencil. I have also had to unlearn a whole lot and the eraser always comes in handy. So does the sharpener when I need to relearn or learn new things; I sharpen my tools. In all, I have grown over the years and have become better.

Life has been sweet, challenging and fun. Sometimes it is daunting, sometimes it is intriguing and other times it is incredibly awesome. But one day after the other, it has left me with the gift of lessons that are invaluable.

These things I have learned, I want to share with the world and I want you to be the first to know:

  1. Whatever that is not given is lost. Pour out your life, your love, your all for others. You will not regret it.

  2. You have not begun to live until you begin to love. Life begins where Love begins.

  3. Life is sweeter when lived the way God intended. It’s God’s way or no way!

  4. In life, you have no mate. Let nobody pressure you. No pressure, no drama!

  5. Nothing you planned for your self will ever be equal to or greater than what God planned for you. God’s thoughts for you are the best, never forget that!

  6. Nobody owes you anything. Not even God, everything you have is a gift. Get rid of the entitlement mentality.

  7. We plan so that God can have something to alter. Life does not always go the way you planned.

  8. The potentials that are lying inside you are far beyond what you can imagine. You are limitless!

  9. Never speak evil about someone even in their absence. No to Gossip! If you can’t say it in their presence, don’t say it at all.

  10. A life without God is one nightmare nobody deserves, spread the gospel. Show Jesus everyday, everywhere.

  11. The life of a man does not consist in the abundance of the things he possesses. The very words of Christ! Nothing can be truer.

  12. To have a successful relationship with others, consider them better than yourself. Be selfless!

  13. Our greatest fulfilment in life can only be found when we are in the centre of God’s will. The best place to be is in God’s perfect will.

  14. Love is the context in which every other passion is expressed. Live within the boundaries of love.

  15. Don’t lend any money you cannot forfeit. This will save you a lot of trouble.

  16. There is a God-shaped hole in every man’s heart, only God can fill it. Only God can satisfy!

  17. Never marry a man who has not found his satisfaction in God; he won’t find it in you. First of all, be satisfied in God.

  18. It is better to have your man chasing Jesus than a house full of stuffs. Marry a man who has a heart for God.

  19. Love is a decision, let your head in first, then your heart. Don’t “fall” in love.

  20. Relationships are costly, be sure you are in it with someone who can pay the price. Oh yes! It will cost you a lot.

  21. In life; Strive, not so much to succeed but to do the right thing. A good name is better than silver and gold.

  22. Never judge people based on things they cannot change about themselves e.g height state of origin, skin colour. Love, regardless!

23. Love is spelt as commitment. Love=Commitment. Be committed to the one you love.

24. At the end, we will all be alright. As they say iin Nigeria “las las, we go dey alright”. Don’t wworry about tomorrow, you are denying yourself the joy of today.

25. You don’t have a biological clock. Let nobody lie to you. Once again, no pressure, no drama.

26. God alone is God and I am not. This is the biggest lesson of my life and it means a lot to me.


A very big thanks to you dear reader for sticking it out with Nasalian blog. I see you and I appreciate you. God bless and keep you in His love. Amen.

Have a blessed new month ahead!

I Love you!

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I am Chinasa, the one whom Jesus loves. I am grateful for the finished work of Christ, passionate about not missing the simplicity that is in Christ Jesus and longing to spread the fragrance of Christ.

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