Recently, the Best Graduating Student in Medicine from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, my alma mater was given N10,000 by the Medical Student’s Association of the college.

This has triggered a lot of reactions from people. Many are blaming the school, the bank, the association and even the person that printed the ‘giant banner’.

First of all, the money wasn’t given by UNN as a school, it was given by the Medical Students’ Association of the school. Its very possible the school gave more or less from their own pocket, but that’s not even my issue.

My issue is the fact that we have equated money to motivation. Everyone is expecting the school to pump her with lots of cash and goodies so as to motivate younger ones.

Well, this is very good and I initially caught myself thinking along these lines but now I am beginning to have a rethink.

The truth is that money can motivate you but must we always do things for the sake of the bucks?

Money is not a lasting source of motivation. Never forget that!

I am currently working for 24 hours (with brief intermittent breaks here and there) in our camp clinic. I won’t be paid a dime and guess what, I am not trusting in it to get me a good ppa (primary place of assignment).

Initially, I entertained the thought that I stand a chance of getting a good ppa because I work so hard but I have now come to a point where my trust is in God and not my labours. I know he has prepared a place for me and he will take me there.

Though I don’t get paid in cash, I get paid in joy when I see a patient who was down come back to life and…yea, there are countless of them.

I vividly remember one Isaac. He came in looking like he was going to die the next minute. He was admitted and managed for some days, and he was back on his feet, full of life & vigor. If you saw how he was looking initially, you would never believe he will ever be so agile.

Two days ago, I went to the OBS to get my passport and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw him. He was so happy and grateful that he offered to pay for the passport and even bring it to the clinic for me when it was ready. He couldn’t stop thanking me.

You see what I mean? Can you monetize the joy that filled my heart? Never!

This is just one story out of the many I can’t tell for want of space.

And don’t get it twisted, I wasn’t expecting anything in return, it just happened!

But wait, let me shock you; I don’t feel this way everyday! Sometimes I get angry with patients, some abuse me and say unkind words and I snap back at them or react in an unloving way.

Really some days I am not nice at all. I am stressed out, tired and hungry. I am highly ‘unmotivated’ and even feel sad that I accepted to render help to ‘impatient’ patients even when there is no motivation. But I don’t let that deter me, I choose to keep learning and growing.

All I am saying is, everything in life doesn’t rise and fall with how much money we get.

A lot of people are comparing what they gave the BGS with what they give beauty peagents. Well, the BGS of a school and Miss Nigeria are two different ‘offices’ and almost all of the times, they are two different people.

If it’s money you want, why not sign up for beauty peagentry and leave the other office for those who love what they do and know how to motivate themselves (in the absence of money) to be the best?

Because, the truth remains that if you are waiting for monetary motivation to study your books or be the best in what you do, you will have to wait for too long… You might want to think about that!

Motivation or no motivation, we stay on course.

…that’s how we roll!!!

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