​I don’t have church clothes

I was having a conversation with a friend some weeks ago when I blurted out “I don’t have Church clothes” I hadn’t thought about it before until that moment. That was the moment I realised that I actually wore the same clothes I wear to Church to work. Truth is, this is neither good nor […]


when money fails to motivate, we still stay motivated

Recently, the Best Graduating Student in Medicine from the University of Nigeria Nsukka, my alma mater was given N10,000 by the Medical Student’s Association of the college.  This has triggered a lot of reactions from people. Many are blaming the school, the bank, the association and even the person that printed the ‘giant banner’. First […]


Book Review: More or Less

More or Less is not a-fold-your-hands-and-read book, No! It is an action book. I cleared my wardrobe before I was done reading it. I gave out stuffs I have been procrastinating giving out. You know those excesses we keep telling ourselves we should leave for ‘just-in-case’ situations? Yea, I threw them out cos those ‘just-in-case’ situations never came, they never will.


​How my journey turned into a drama 2

I couldn’t believe they were going to search evey one of us, every single one!  “Them dey search Peace bus?” Mr Know-it-all murmured. “I tire o, I never see this one before.” Mr Fresh boy answered. “They are doing their job” Mr Pastor reminded everyone. It was difficult to tell if he meant what he […]

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